Free 15-Minute Consultation

Free Friday - A chance to discover how osteopathy could help you...

We are often asked what is osteopathy and “can it really help me?”

To help answer this we would like to invite you to come along and have a chat with our osteopath Suzanne Morgan in one of our ‘Free Friday’ 15-minute consultations. Our osteopath can help you better understand the osteopathic approach and how this bespoke health solution can be a fit for you.

This Free Friday consultation is a chance for you to discuss some of your key health goals and concerns. Our osteopath Suzanne will discuss her approach and how she would develop a customised program for you.

Once you have met Suzanne and completed this consultation, you may schedule your first appointment. There is no financial commitment required to receive your consultation (did we mention it’s Free Friday?) and if our approach is not a fit for you, you are under no obligation to become a patient or attend another appointment.

To schedule your Free Friday 15-minute consultation, please call or fill out the form below. Suzanne would love to meet you and answer any of your questions.

(Note that you will not receive any diagnosis or treatment as part of this short consultation.)