Knee Pain Treatment in Bedford

Treating Knee PainAs the largest joint in the body, and one that supports a lot of weight, it's one of the joints that's most often in need of treatment. At our osteopathy clinic in Clapham, Bedfordshire, we see a lot of injured knees! There are a number of causes of knee pain, and although knee pain can be very painful, and sometimes may have quite an impact on your day to day life, with the right exercise, advice, and treatment we can get you moving again. 

Knee pain is commonly the result of either sudden injury, or impact, often the case with sports injury for example, or by repetitive sprain placed on the knee joint over time. Either or these can lead to damage, strain or sprain to the structure of the knee. Sometimes poor alignment of the knee or kneecap, even misalignment of other joints such as the hip can lead to knee pain.

If you have pain or aching, swelling, maybe you have difficulty straightening or bending your knee, we'd recommend you make an appointment to see your osteopath.

As osteopaths we are trained to be able to tell you what is causing the pain in your knee. We can diagnose your problem and implement treatment to help you become pain free. Through massage and stretching, or manipulation of the affected area, we can get you back on your feet.

If necessary, we may refer you to your GP if we feel any additional treatments or investigations are necessary. Sometimes we may refer to for X-rays, scans or other tests if we feel this is appropriate.

Knee pain is very common and is most often successfully treated with osteopathy, surgery is very rarely needed.

Shoulder pain can seemingly come from nowhere or can happen as a result of a trauma during sports or an accident.

Osteopaths have become known for treating back pain and osteopathy offers an effective, affordable and natural solution for the problem.

The head and neck are a complex and delicate area and are worked upon frequently by osteopaths.