Turmeric Root and powder

Why You Should Eat Turmeric

Turmeric is a very powerful superfood that has many health benefits, and should be included in your diet. Turmeric, and especially Curcumin, its active component, is an antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties.
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Are you suffering from back pain? Maybe shoulder or knee pain? What do you do? Should you visit a Chiropractor or an Osteopath? Learn more here...
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If you’re suffering from pain, maybe you have a bad back, shoulder pain, headaches or knee pain, you may be considering visiting an osteopath. Although osteopathy is a recognised health profession regulated in the UK, it’s not directly funded, therefore costs are involved. In the UK an initial osteopathy appointment tends to be around £48,
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Osteopathy Treatment for Back Pain
When you visit your local Osteopath, whether you are suffering from neck or shoulder pain, back pain, knee pain, or any other musculoskeletal problems, it’s not all about what we do in the clinic room. Part of your treatment will involve how we help you get moving again.
Pregnancy & Osteopathy

Osteopathy & Pregnancy

Our bodies are amazing and do a great job of growing our little bundles of joy but, sometimes Mum’s body needs a little help while Baby Bump is growing; adapting to its new relationship with gravity can be tricky.
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Nordic Walking
Many people visit our osteopathy clinic with problems caused by inactivity, poor posture, or because of weight issues. These problems can be helped, and indeed prevented by a more active lifestyle. Many people think of beginning an exercise regime in terms of joining the gym and starting an intense and potentially intimidating regime. It doesn’t
We have previously posted about the benefits of walking, discussing how walking is beneficial for your heart, helps you lose weight, how sunshine is good for you, and how walking can help your psychological wellbeing. Over the weekend the sun came out, summer appeared to return, so we took a trip to Salcey Forest. Salcey Forest
A sleeping fox
Sleep is Important Ahhhh sleep. We just can’t get enough. Some of us go down easily and sleep like it’s our job. A job we’re highly skilled at too. Others actually can’t get enough. We struggle to fall asleep, or struggle to stay asleep. We feel tired, cranky and never totally ‘on’. Sleep can be elusive, but
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The Benefits of Walking

Did You Know May is National Walking Month? Living Streets is a charity to promote everyday walking, and National Walking Month is an awareness project from Living Streets to promote everyday walking, to raise peoples general health levels, something that as osteopaths we wholeheartedly support. In aid of this, we thought we’d try and inspire you to get out
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