How much does it cost to visit an osteopath?

If you’re suffering from pain, maybe you have a bad back, shoulder pain, headaches or knee pain, you may be considering visiting an osteopath. Although osteopathy is a recognised health profession regulated in the UK, it’s not directly funded, therefore costs are involved.

In the UK an initial osteopathy appointment tends to be around £48, with follow-up appointments a little less.  At our Bedfordshire osteopathy clinic we provide an initial consultation for £48 (around 45 minutes to an hour), with follow up sessions (30-40 minutes) for £43.

What do my osteopathy sessions entail?

Osteopaths invest many years mastering their skills, which include initial training at an osteopathic school followed by regular follow up training and professional development. Our principal osteopath, Suzanne Morgan qualified at the British School of Osteopathy and has since trained further in Classical and Cranial techniques.

This wealth of experience allows to understand you as a patient. We spend up to 60 minutes in a first appointment listening to your story, and understanding your medical history and background to fully understand how to help you and treat you. You will most likely receive treatment at this session, as well as advice regarding activities and suggestions for modifying your posture.

Our followup appointments are shorter, up to 45 minutes long. We will discuss your symptoms since the previous session, and how your previous session went. We will reassess your situation if necessary and continue with any further treatment.

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